How it all started...

My name is Jennifer Nesbitt, and I first became interested in ceramic art in 2002, after watching a potter throw miniature pots at a local craft show. I was fascinated by how a shapeless lump of clay could be turned into something both functional and beautiful, so I set out to learn how to make pottery myself.  I bought a used potters wheel, and studied and practiced for years before I started selling my pottery. 

There are many steps involved in creating each piece, including throwing, trimming, embellishing, firing, glazing, and firing again. I love the process of an idea taking shape, of each piece being completely unique.  I spend a lot of time on texture, which adds a sense of rhythm, energy, and contrast to a finished piece. I try to use colors to the same effect, combining and layering glazes to create interesting visual textures. I'm intrigued by the possibilities of such contrasts and enjoy exploring them in my work. The feel of smooth, wet clay never loses its appeal for me, but when I'm not in my studio, you'll find me in my garden or spending time with my family.
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